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About Christmas

Christmas which is celebrated on the 25 December of every year is one of the biggest celebrations. Christmas is a festival of Christians but people of all the religions celebrate this occasion together.
People try to make the festival special every year. It is an annual holidays and referred to the birth of Jesus.

There are many traditions and customs associated with the Christmas. In different parts of the world people follow different traditions.

For everybody Christmas is a special occasion. 12 days of Christmas which is all about the celebrations that starts after the Christmas day is very popular.

These facts about Christmas are :
  • 26th December is popularly known as "boxing day" but traditionally known as St. Stephen's Day.
  • St Nicholas Church is the first church built by Dutch in New York City and was named in St. Nicholas honor.
  • The first American carol was written in 1649 by John de Brebeur.
  • The British Parliament officially abolished the celebration of Christmas in 1634.
  • In 1834, Prince Albert brought the first Christmas tree to Windsor Castle. Prince Albert was Queen Victoria's husband.
  • In 1856, the first white house Christmas tree was decorated by President Frenklin Pierce.
  • Oklahoma became the last USA state to declare Christmas a legal holiday in 1907.
  • Christmas tree is being decorated on the occasion of Christmas because it is a symbol of eternal life. Decorating the Christmas tree is popular in the middle ages. According to the Scandinavians this Christmas tree is very powerful and scares away the devil.
  • 12 days of Christmas is another tradition associated with Christmas. This is a part of Christmas celebrations
  • The poinsettia is a traditional Christmas flower. This is very beautiful and popular Christmas flower
  • Julbukk is a popular Christmas decoration in Sweden while in Italy the "Urn of Fate" is part of the Christmas celebrations.