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Beaded Christmas Balls

Beaded Christmas Ornaments are not only beautiful but these ornaments will get you a WOW from family, friends and guests. Beautiful, sparkling Beaded Christmas Balls hanging on your tree that you created will provide you full satisfaction.

It is really easy and quite enjoyable with any of the beaded ornaments. You will be so pleased with your results that you will want to display these stunning beaded balls year all around!

You will need Styrofoam balls, Straight pins, Colorful, decorative beads, Metallic gold or silver spray paint, Satin ribbon, Newspapers for making Beaded Christmas Balls Ornaments at your home.

Lay Styrofoam balls on newspaper on an outside work table or floor protected with newspapers. Spray the balls with metallic paint and let dry. Turn each over and spray unpainted sides until each ball is completed painted. Let dry. Place on a tray and take indoors to decorate.

Take a straight pin and slip a few beads on it. If desired, add a tiny decorative star as well. Hold two overlapping ends of a satin ribbon strip on any part of a Styrofoam ball. Insert the beaded straight pin from Step 2 through both ribbon ends, push in as far as it will go, and secure it to the ball.

Take another straight pin and add a few more beads, and another star if desired, and then push the pin in near the first pin on the Styrofoam ball as far as it will go. Continue beading straight pins and pushing them into the Styrofoam ball until the ball is evenly, and completely, covered with beads on straight pins. You can prepare many Beaded Christmas Balls with your hands for your Christmas celebration and enjoy. Merry Christmas.