Catholic Calendar

The Roman Catholic Calendar indicates the days of the year to which the liturgical celebrations of saints are assigned and of the mysteries of the Lord that are to be observed wherever the Roman Rite is used.

These liturgical Catholic calendars also indicate the degree or rank of each celebration; i.e. whether it's Optional Memorial, Obligatory Memorial, Feast or Solemnity. For example; the Gloria is said at the mass of a Feast, but not at that of a Memorial, and the Creed is added on Solemnities.

Roman Catholic Calendar

The Roman Catholic Calendar assigns celebrations of saints to only about half the days of the year and contains relatively very few of the saints recognized by the Roman Catholic Church.

Official list of saints is the 776-page volume Roman Martyrology which does not actually claim to contain the names of all the saints legitimately venerated. The Roman Martyrology assigns several saints to each day of the year and gives a very brief description of each saint or group of saints.

Canonization involves the addition of the saint's name to the Roman Martyrology, but it does not necessarily involve inception of the saint's name also into the General Roman Calendar, which mentions only a very limited selection of canonized saints. Nowdays computer generated Roman Catholic calendars are also present online which are easy to access.