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Christmas Around the World

This world is full of people having different cast and religion. They follow their own traditions. Christmas around the World is celebrated with full of joy and happiness. People make special plans for Christmas. During Christmas around the world, people enjoy the delicious food, party all night, watch the fireworks, dance on the tune of DJ and enjoy together.

Christmas is a religious occasion and increasingly becoming a secular holiday around the world. Christmas round the world is celebrated with Christmas traditions that are as diverse as the world is culturally diverse. The occasion of Christmas is an important festival mainly in Europe but Christmas around the world including the countries like Latin America, Asia and Africa also celebrate Christmas in a lavishing and joyful way.

There are different ways of celebrating Christmas around the world like few people plan their Christmas holidays by taking advantage of Christmas holiday packages. Celebrating Christmas with friends and family in different country is an amazing and remarkable experience. This gives you chance to explore the beauty of nature and be a part of god's beautiful creation. In every country and in every state people follow different traditions this means Christmas traditions around the world are entirely different.

There are few similar Christmas traditions around the world like tree decoration, Santa Claus will bring gifts, Christmas carols and many more. In Spain, oil lamps are lit on the Christmas Eve and Jota is a special Christmas dance while in New Orleans Huge Ox is being decorated. In Alaska, a star is placed on the pole and it is carried from door to door.

A native scene or creche is being displayed in every house on the occasion of Christmas. People of chine decorate Christmas trees with colorful and creative ornaments. For Non-Christians, it is a Spring Festival. "Trees of Light." Is popular Chinese Christmas trees. Santa Claus is called Dun Che Lao Ren which means "Christmas Old Man.". Christmas is a festival of joy and happiness and in spite of having different cast and religion. People Celebrate Christmas around the world with love and prosperity.