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Christmas Folk Art

Folk art is an expression of local and time-honored cultures shaped in art forms such as sculpting, woodwork, fabric, paper and metal. Painted folk art reflects a culture more than an individual artist.

Many traditional folk art styles have been coming from one generation to the next. Handcrafted and cherished for generations, Christmas Folk Art ornaments are as well-built, simple, and durable as the people who made them. Folk Art is created by everyday people rather than artists or artisans.

Though many outstanding reproductions of vintage folk ornaments for Christmas decorations are now available, the originals were usually handmade by a member of the family and used to beautify the family home.

Classic American folk art features plain shapes that are cut, carved, molded or sewn from normal cheap materials such as wood, paper, clay, tin, and cloth and then embroidered, usually with paint or embroidery. In most cases the ornaments were utilitarian and decorative, such as woven baskets, painted boxes and candle holders.

The simple shapes and touch-ability of the style of vintage folk art decoration makes it a great choice for homes with young children. But these classic forms also couple magnificently with clean, sleek modern decoration and they even make an astonishingly stylish addition to trendy industrial style design.

The Poinsettia Frog depicts a waddling toad squatting over a glimmering white globe laden with millions of shiny flecks. There is a pair or two o heart-shaped balloons on its head. She is dotted wearing a red and pink ball gown, reading a coffee table book. Choose a host of icons and folk symbols such as truffles, Mrs. Santa, hats, pears, cats, candles, polar bears, doves, partridges and the like.