Send Christmas Card

Christmas Art Crafts

Christmas is perhaps the best time of the year except New Year and when it is near the corner, people start thinking about enjoyment and celebration. They send Christmas gifts to their dear ones by making some Christmas Art crafts for their cards, gifts and Christmas decoration. Visit your nearest library.

Books placed in the craft section contain sections for Christmas. There will also be craft books that are specific to Christmas crafts. You can check out the local bookstores for the latest craft books and ideas. Craft books are also available for purchase online. When looking for Christmas crafts, be ever attentive.

Ideas are everywhere during Christmas. Check the lobby in the local hotel, the classrooms of the local schools and the counters in the bank. You will be amazed at where you find your best Christmas crafting ideas.

Ideas for Christmas Art Craft for Kids

Bubble Painting
You'll need Bubble solution, Powder tempera paint, Blowing wand. Try using other household objects to make bubbles i.e. T.P. tube, straw, the plastic rings from a six pack of soda. Pour bubble mix into as many trays as you want colors. Add about one teaspoon of dry powder paint. Place your blowing wand into paint and blow bubbles at the paper let the bubble land. When it pops the color explodes.

Hot Rod Painting
You'll need: Poster or Tempera paint, Plain paper, A few small matchbox cars Paper plates or Styrofoam trays, saved from meat products. Spread paint thinly on the bottom of trays. Drive the car through the paint a few times and then onto the paper. And many art crafts can be used by your kids with your help.