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Christmas Candle Holders

Christmas candle holders are the ideal balance to Christmas candles because they go to hand in hand. Christmas candle holders are available in a large number of styles and theme: Santa Claus, snowmen, religious, traditional and so forth.
If you plan to use plain candles with your candle holders, then the holders themselves need to be the central attraction. Selecting a candle holder always make sure the holder is heat resistant. While there are plenty of Christmas candle holders readily available, you can also make your own.

If you are sincerely thinking the idea of creating your own candle holders, you can in fact sift through the wide quantity of books and magazines which are available in the market which offer right information on the subject and many of them have exhibition drawings on them rendering a better understanding of the same.

Candy Cane Votive Holders

Tape thin oblique lines on the outside of the votive holder; try to angle the tape so it looks like it's wrapping around the votive holder. Scatter the outside of a votive holder with white frost spray paint; let dry. Carefully peel off the tape. Where the thin clear lines and thick frosted lines meet, paint a fine red line. Tie a thin green ribbon at the top of the votive holder.

The votive holder now resembles a candy cane topped with a ribbon. Add a peppermint scented votive and enjoy the look and smell of candy canes! There are various distinguishing and remarkable ways to group or organize Christmas candle holders. Line up various snowmen candle holders on the fireplace mantel. Or line up votive holders of varying heights and weave holly and ivy between them. Use candle holders of the same theme to create a Christmas scene.