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Floating Christmas Candles

Christmas floating candles are perfect compliments to your Christmas decoration. Floating candles are a must have intonation for enjoyable during Christmas since most are unscented and made with food grade wax.
They are a safe and useful way to include candlelight to all your Christmas festivities. Floating Christmas Candles are very romantic and exuberating that you cannot but end up loving them. They are available in a myriad shapes, colors and sizes.

Floating candles can be used at many places of your home for adornment. Generally floating candles will be used as part of a Christmas table centerpiece.

Making a floating candle centerpiece for your Christmas table is very simple. All you need to do is place an ornamental bowl on a mirrored base in the center of your table.

Add water and your candles then accent with festive touches such as candy, ribbon or glitter. Light the candles prior to your guests arrive. Floating candles can be used in wine glasses or any other ornamental utensil you choose. Put a few around the room to cast light and add ambiance to your party. Why not wrap up a floating candle in mesh and tie with a Christmas bow to use as a place location on your holiday table?

Add your guests' names to a tag and they will not only have a festive place setting but a fun gift to take home with them. Candles make an immediate and simple Christmas gift. They are ideal to give a hostess or use for a Secret Santa exchange. With all the designs available, you will be able to give a gift that is fun and festive and sure to be enjoyed during the holiday season.