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American Christmas Carol

The sacred festival of Christianity, Christmas, is welcomed in each and every part of the world. Like the British and many other nationalists, Americans too have their own collection of Christmas carols. Here is the 123christmascelebration with detail information on American Christmas Carols. Here are some of American Christmas carols sung and performed by American artists :

  • Christmas Cometh Caroling
  • This Is Christmas
  • Some Children See Him
  • Come, Dear Children
  • O, Hearken Ye
  • We'll Dress the House
  • The Star Carol
  • Jesu Parvule
  • What Are the Signs
  • Ah, Bleak and Chill the Wintry Wind
  • All on A Christmas Morning
  • Nigh Bethlehem
  • Christ in the Stranger's Guise
  • Sleep Baby Mine
American Christmas Carol is a new version of the all-time family preferred starring Henry Winkler. It is the Christmas Eve 1933, and the town people of Concord, New Hampshire, are trying to hold onto their Christmas spirit in the face of the Great Depression. But old Mr. Benedict Slade is destroying what Christmas hope the town has left by heartlessly repossessing their prized goods.

Unaccompanied in his apartment, Slade is met by three super naturals --Christmas Past, Present and Future--who take him on a unbelievable journey through time that will show him the tragic consequences of his actions if he doesn't mend his ways forever! This is adapted from Charles Dickens' classic story "A Christmas Carol."

An American Christmas Carol (DVD): Henry Winkler proves his acting ability in this American edition of the Dickens classic. One will really fail to remember that he was 'The FONZ' and will be astonished at his transformation from nice guy to mean guy back to nice guy. The general feel of this movie, though, is grey.

That is the best way to describe it. But then, it was a bleak grey time in American history, with the Great Depression and all. When Dickens at first wrote the book, it was a grey time in England's history as well, so the restrained feeling one gets while watching this 'modern' version fits in well with the spirit of the original story.