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Christmas Carols Polish

Polish Christmas carols are approximately all anonymous, having been composed by the people. Their beginning date from the fourteen century, many from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. W Zlobie Lezy, accredited with originating in the fourteenth century, is considered the first Polonaise. The Polish carol has a basically folk song character, which makes it especially national.

The melodies are characteristically Polish - gay, tender, even funny - typical of the Polish peasant or mountaineer. There is an inhabitant unconscious poetry about all of them. The Baby Jesus, poor and homeless, was born in a stable surrounded by the familiar domestic animals, appeals to the heart and the thoughts of all peoples.

Polish Christmas carols can be divided into three kinds - religious, legendary, and imaginative. The religious, among the most attractive and reflective in feeling of all Polish hymns, owe their origin to monks in cloisters. The renowned, based on the books of the Apocrypha, contain many legends and details for which strict historical truth cannot be assumed.

Hence the Church did not accept them, but they requested to the people who loved to sing of the many wonders, the tender shepherds and the speaking animals.

The third, or imaginative, owe their source to people of humble birth, who in concerning the story of the Nativity used familiar atmosphere taken from their own homes. Thus Bethlehem became a Polish village and Jesus was born in Poland. These carols often contain merry dance rhythms like the Krakowiak and the Mazurka and are called "Shepherd's Carols".

Christmas Carols Polish
  1. Cicha Noc - Silent Night
  2. Lulajze Jezuniu - Hush, Little Jesus
  3. Pojdzmy Wszyscy Do Stajenki - Let's All Go to the Stable
  4. Bog Sie Rodzi - God is Born
  5. Wsrod Nocnej Ciszy - In Midnight's Silence
  6. Do Szopy Hey Pasterze - Hey Shepherds Go to the Shed
  7. Jezus Malusienki - Baby Jesus
  8. Dzisiaj w Betlejem - Today in Bethlehem
  9. Przybiezeli do Betlejem - They Came to Bethlehem
  10. Medrcy Swiata - Three Wise Men, Earthly Monarchs
  11. Gdy Sliczna Panna - When the Lovely Virgin Mary
  12. W Zlobie Lezy - In Crib Lying
  13. Gdy sie Chrystus Rodzi - When Christ is Born
  14. Oj Maluski, Maluski - Oh, My Little One
  15. Mizerna Cicha - Barn, Poor and Silent