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French Christmas Carols

The sacred festival of Christianity, Christmas, is welcomed in each and every part of the world. Like the British and many other nationalists, French too have their own collection of Christmas carols. Here is the 123christmascelebration with detail information on French Christmas Carols.

French songs for Christmas are divided into two main categories like many other languages: religious hymns and children's Christmas songs. Songs sung at church are Christmas songs commonly sung in France, just like some of the Christian songs in English that have made it into the mainstream culture, such as 'O Holy Night'. Il est ne le divin enfant, Minuit Chretien, un Flambeau Jeannette Isabelle are some of French religious Christmas sons.

Christmas has lots of fun for children; in addition to the songs that surround the religious history of Christmas, a long list of children's songs can be heard playing in schools, homes, and just about every store during the holiday season. Le petit renne au nez rouge, Petit Papa NoŽl, Mon beau sapin, Vive le vent are some of children's Christmas songs.

Ainte Nuit is a traditional French Christmas carols which was performed by the Alumnae Chorus School of the Sacred Heart. The carol describes the silent night of the birth of Jesus, as Mother Mary at the Holy face of his son, our Savior. Ah! Quel grand mystere! is another example of traditional French Christmas carol of the 19th century, which describes Jesus as the Messiah and the King of the universe.

There are a large number of the French Christmas carols, which have been sung by French and also translated into English. These carols are available on the internet and DVD. Enjoy your Christmas celebration by singing or listening of French Christmas Carols.