Larry the Cable Guy Christmas Carols

Daniel Lawrence Whitney, known as Larry the Cable Guy, is a famous American comedian and one of the co-stars of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. He is a strong believer of God and thanks him for attributing him the character of a comedian.
he sombre traditional hymns of Christmas are transferred into funny joyous tunes for listeners to feel exuberant. Larry the Cable Guy Christmas Carols are a little bit different from Christmas traditional Carols. The carols spread love and enjoyment into the festive air of Christmas.

Very Larry Christmas is the comedian's first holiday album. The audiences who are in the habit of going through his antics in television would be shocked when spinning this album of him.

The Right to Bare Arms and Lord, I Apologize is the other famous Christmas Carols album of him. The joyous mood of the comedian is reflected in all his Christmas Carols. Some of the famous Larry the Cable Guy Christmas Carols is listed below for you to select the best pieces for your collection.

  • A Letter To Santy Claus
  • Christmas Commentary
  • Gift Giving Commentary
  • Oh Holy Crap
  • Titty Bar Christmas
  • The Christmas Story
  • Santy Claus, Santy Claus
Some of the popular Larry the cable guy Christmas carols lyrics are -
Get a job you bum bum bum, Money dont grow on trees you bum bum bum, Silent farts, Deadly farts, All was calm, Not far long, Oh come on illegal foreigners, Come and get dem green cards, And learn some damn English, And den how to drive, You better watch out, I think she's a guy, I aint quite sure but something aint right, Hilary Clinton's comin to town etc.