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Christmas Cookies Decorations

Sugar, gingerbread and Spritz! When one stumbles upon the words like these, their thoughts are directed towards yummy, delicious cookies. Guess what! It is the time of Christmas and the time of holidaying and fun and relishing and spreading the Christmas spirit of joy and cheering! All of this calls for goodies and cookies. Fancy ones or conventional ones; all kinds are looked for.
Baking cookies for an occasion as grand as Christmas is not enough. Along with cookie making comes fun Christmas cookies decorations. Christmas is incomplete without the smell of tiny ginger bread men baked in the oven (although men being baked in the over does sound creepy) and candy canes being devoured by tiny kids or snowmen being eaten part by part.

Ideas for Decorating Xmas Cookies

Recipes for Christmas cookies decorations are available in plenty and in a plethora of designs. Easy Christmas cookies decorations for kids remain the conventional place cards, snicker doodles, holiday wreaths, Santa hats and thumb print cookies while the more fascinating Christmas decorations for kids include candy canes, ginger bread trains, snowflakes, hanging bells, reindeer cookies, chocolate balloons etc.

Some recipe for Christmas cookie decorations would be :
Preparing simple cookies and then placing them on a wax paper and sprinkling some colored powder. Drizzling chocolate glaze sauce and freezing the cookies also make easy Christmas cookies. They become a favorite among children as well as elders because everyone loves chocolates. Christmas tree cookies should be covered with frosting. One can use the flocking technique for that and then sprinkle some green or golden edible dust to make it seem like the real Christmas tree. Cookies can be cut out in various shapes to make them fun Christmas cookies decorations which one can gobble up when hungry. Confectioner's sugar glaze of contrasting colors can be spread over these star shaped cookies to make royal icing cookies. Royal icing can be made with meringue powder also.

That would be just perfect for an occasion like Christmas. For the different shaped cookies, one can purchase cookies cutter and voila! The shape one wants is right in front of them, in the form of delicious cookies. The best part about this cookie making sessions is that one can not go wrong. It is all about experimenting and innovation. So even if one does go wrong, it is just about how creative one can get and use the decorative items available in the market. Cookies decoration for kids is fun.

Kids get excited on seeing anything colorful and sweet. All one needs to do is, prepare delicious cookies in fascinating and amusing shapes and color it up with edible colored dust or icing and it's ready to be served! To sum it up, the recipe for Christmas cookie decorations would essentially require: melted chocolate, raisins or maybe cranberries, colored sugars, icing or frosting, jimmies, silver and gold dragees, and other sprinkles. Make the cookie making fun! Have a fun filed Christmas.