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Christmas Eve Santa

The story of Santa Claus begins with the name St. Nicholas, born in 300 A.D. he had to undergo various problems in life after he lost his parents. Passing through this tough time, he decided to devote his entire life in serving god and only because of his positive attitude and spiritual devotion; he was made Bishop of Myra. Although St. Nicholas died about 350 A.D still people remember him as a Santa Claus or with the name of Nicolas of Myra. St. Nicolas is famous for helping all the needy people this could be the main reason that Santa Claus is known as a symbol of giving love and distributing happiness.
A white beard man with loaded sleigh on the back wearing red suit and red trouser is famous as Christmas Eve Santa who lives in North Polar. Santa Claus give distribute gifts among all. Children love Santa so do adults. Christmas Eve Santa is generally center of attraction of the party whether in school, office or house. One cannot imagine without Christmas Eve Santa Claus. Santa claus is known for delivering Christmas gifts and sweets to children. This is the reason why Children wait for Santa Claus. According to them Xmas Eve Santa will bring lots of gifts along with him on the Christmas eve.

Christmas Eve party can not be complete without lovable Xmas Eve Santa as he is the one who give life to the party. There are many games which are related to Christmas Eve Santa claus, like find the Santa and many more. Not only this but number of quizzes are available in the books or in the market related to Santa Claus. People love to decorate Christmas Eve Santa Claus with the variety of ornaments available in the market. Sometimes people dress up like Santa to distribute gifts and sometimes they use dummy Santa as a part of decoration. Christmas Eve Santa is very adorable and lovable.