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Christmas Eve on Sesame Street

Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, directed by Jon Stone and produced by Dulcy Singer, is first broadcasted on December 3, 1978. It is Sesame Street Christmas Special story is full of essence and supported by fantabulous music. This outstanding award winning children show is love by adults also. Story of Xmas Eve on Sesame Street is presented beautifully into 3 plots. Cast of the story is as follows "Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Ernie/Kermit the Frog, Bert/Cookie Monster/Grover, Count Von Count/Mr. Snuffleupagus, Ernie (assistant)/Mr. Snuffleupagus (assistant), Linda, David, Patty, Mr. Hooper, Susan, Maria, Bob, Gordon, Olivia".
Now story starts when Oscar the grouch tells big bird that in case, santa claus could not make up to get down chimneys, there will be no Christmas presents. Disappointed and sad Big Bird ask children how Santa does it, with the help of Kemt the Frog. After getting different answers Big Bird became dihearted. Seven year old girl, Patty who is Big Bird's friend, tries to consol him but fails. They spent whole night waiting for Santa. Gordan and Susan comforted him by showing him the presence of gifts for all when he came inside the apartment to feel the warmth because it was really cold outside. They did so just to provide him comfort so that he stays inside the apartment.

There are many other beautiful plots in the story showing true feelings of Bert and Ernie who have no money to give gift to each other. Christmas Eve on Sesame Street shows their true emotions towards their loved ones. In another plot we got to know how Cookie Monster tries to communicate with Santa, requesting for Cookies. Each and every character is beautifully presented in Christmas Eve on Sesame Street. This is the main reason of the popularity of Xmas Eve on Sesame Street.