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Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas eve traditions may be different in every family but the purpose to serve is always the same. Christmas traditions leave a warm and indistinct feeling in your heart when you make them an internal part of the celebration every year. Above all Christmas tradition includes decorating Christmas tree, giving gifts, enjoying Christmas party and all around the world. Some of family's Christmas Eve traditions are reading about the birth of Jesus Christ, watching a Christmas movie, worship, donating time to charities, holiday travel, prepare Christmas Eve dinner, deck the halls, deliver Christmas gifts etc.
Christmas Eve Dinners are often considered large feasts. Christmas is a global holiday. Christmas Eve traditions also include the types of dinners served and eaten. For instance, in America some families prefer stuffing and mashed potatoes, while others dine on cabbage, soup, ham, casseroles or lasagna. In Poland, there are many traditions attached to Christmas Eve. People feel great honor being invited to Wigilia, a traditional meal on Christmas Eve.

They exchange greetings by giving Christmas wafer, stamped with religious images. People go to attend Midnight Mass to solemnly celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ after dinner. Some traditions are in fashion in Italy these days. Catholics eat seven types of seafood as a tradition. Traditions vary from region to region in Germany. Carp is eaten in many parts Germany. Smoked turkey-sweet potato tamales are popular in most of the other parts of the world.

People keep fast on Christmas Eve and some take vegetable or pea soup. In Slovakia, people take a fish soup and breaded roasted carp with potato salad on Christmas Eve. Really, Christmas Eve Traditions vary from country to country in food, dress and ways of celebration. People celebrate the Christmas Eve in their own ways based on tradition.