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Christmas Lights

Miniature candles were commonly used before the use of electrical power. Christmas Lights have been used since 19th century. Thomas Edison's associate Edward H. Johnson was the creator of the first illuminated Christmas tree. With 80 red, white and blue light electric bulbs he displayed his Christmas tree. All these bulbs were hand wired. In 1895, Grover Cleveland in the White House lit the first glowing Christmas tree.
These lights were costly therefore became popular after some time. Christmas is all about glowing sky, brightness in the air and blazing world. People use lightning during the Christmas. One can see the decorative lights all over the country making Christmas brings lights in the life which is considered as the light of happiness sent by Jesus removing the darkness of sorrows from the lives.

Outdoor Christmas Lights

Outdoor Christmas lights make things and places decorative with the flavor of beauty. One can see the beauty of Christmas lights all over whether buildings (public and commercial both) , Street trees, parks , malls, stores, markets, Educational Institutions, Offices and all such places. This Christmas decorative lighting is one of the main tourist attraction, Eiffel Tower and Opera house of Sydney are best example of this. In outdoor Christmas lights, LED lights are famous and popular because of their life of 100,000 hours per light. Apart from this other option are also available in the market like Rope light, Theme light, Curtain Light, mini Christmas light and lot more. Outdoor Christmas Lights are also available in different colors.

Christmas Tree Lights

Lights are also used to decorate the Christmas trees. Different colors of lights like solar, pink, green and other exciting colors add beauty to the decoration. Christmas celebrations are incomplete without Christmas tree. All the credit goes to Edward H. Johnson, who came up with the first illuminated Christmas tree. Different musical lights, led Christmas Lights, White Christmas Lights and strings of Christmas lights are being used by many people as a part of decoration.