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Christmas Light Bulbs

It seems impossible to think about Christmas without Christmas light bulbs. The small electrical jewels which adorn millions of homes worldwide have become inseparable parts of Christmas over the years. They come in a large number of shapes, sizes, and colors and are now offered at almost every electrical or general store near you or online store.
People adorn their homes with various ornaments and the different kinds of Christmas light bulbs. Christmas light bulbs are used broadly in Christmas celebration. The use of light bulbs is varied. The Christmas light bulbs are used to light up the houses, business establishments, churches and hospitals. Other public places like shopping malls are lit up too. The Christmas light bulbs are made using a special procedure and they last for a long time.

Christmas light bulbs are made of LED. LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs are contemporary in their make, they do not use transformer. They are prepared from small solid-state chips. Christmas light bulbs are red, green, blue or white, the colors associated with Christmas. Christmas light bulbs in orange, violet, lemon yellow, rust are available, but seem to be less famous. Christmas light bulbs are of different kinds such as C6 LED bulb, C7 LED bulb, C9 LED bulb, LED rope light bulb, LED string light bulb etc.

Small LED bulbs are used for Christmas trees while a little larger C7 and C9 are used mainly for the outdoor decorations. When we converse of decorating the house or Christmas tree with Christmas light bulbs, we cannot ignore the rope and string light bulbs. These are used with dump and look very attractive.