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Christmas Net Lights

Christmas net lights are a fantastic way to light up your hedges, bushes, trees and homes. Christmas net lights are a great accumulation to your Christmas yard decor, especially when you have a lot of bushes or shrubs that will be ideal foundations to lay these fascinating net lights on.

Christmas net lights like all Christmas lights come in all shapes, colors and sizes, and you can set out color lights, single color net lights, shaped net lights and themed net lights. All of them are fantastic and would be based on each individual's personal tastes or look and feel they desire for their Christmas yard decoration.

One of the best features of Christmas net lights is their flexibility, where you place the lights closer together to get that clustered feeling look, or spread it out to have a look of being extended. The types of net lights are :
  • Flat net lights- 150 lights, Blue Lamps possessing a Green Wire.
  • Net lights- 200 Frost White Lamps with a white wire attached to it.
  • Twinkle Net Lights- 150 Clear Lamps with a green wire attached to it.
  • Ribbon /Trunk Style Net Extend- Multi color Lamps, 150 lights, green wire.
The two types of Christmas Net Light Set are :
  • Christmas Tree Net Light Set- 168 Multicolor Lights, green wire.
  • Christmas Tree Net Light Set- 168 Multicolor Light with 8 Function Controller and a green wire.
Light up your house this Christmas with these Christmas Net Lights and enjoy your Christmas celebration.