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Christmas Rope Lights

Lights express several meanings on Christmas. Lights are used to adorn the house, indoors, outdoors and the Christmas tree. All kinds of lights can be used to beautify the house. Christmas rope lights are fast becoming a very popular addition to our Christmas decorations, especially in Christmas yard decorations, and they look fantastic in outside situations mainly.
People use Christmas rope lights to enhance their outdoor Christmas decorations, and they truly do make a major variation in how things look. They are really a blast and lot of fun to set up in different outdoor Christmas decorations designs. Christmas Rope Lights are flexible, bright, long lasting, colorful and easy to use.

Rope lights are given into distinct shapes like stockings, snowmen, candy canes, reindeer and Santa. Rope lights are perfect for perimeter building, enjoyment themes, festival light sculptures, architecture highlighting, cove lighting, decks, patios and more. LED Christmas Rope Lights are decorative lights made with series of miniature LEDs embedded in a PVC tube. They have become very popular due to the following features :
  1. Long life span of 5000 hours.
  2. Provides 85 lumens brightness.
  3. Easy to install on most surfaces (brick, glass and wood) using recommended U channel to create strait building perimeter surface.
  4. Hundred percent solid-state designs. No glass bulbs or flimsy filaments to break.
  5. Applicable in all weathers and indoor.