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Best Christmas Markets

Christmas is a season of prosperity & festivity and Christmas traditions involve decorating houses, setting up a Christmas tree and sitting down to a luxurious Christmas dinner. Christmas is also one of the most main shopping seasons in the world and stores, malls and markets offer an array of goods at discounted prices in December.
If you are thinking to do some Christmas shopping, here is a list of the best Christmas markets in Germany, best Christmas Markets in Europe and best Christmas markets around the world that sell Christmas decorations, cribs, statuettes, lights, Christmas belongings, presents and mouth-watering Christmas goodies.

With so many Christmas Markets all over the world the most difficult decision to make is in fact where to go. The best solution is to sample at least two Christmas Markets, if possible in a city for some serious shopping and a small town or village if you are looking for something a little bit more romantic. There are lots of Christmas Markets in Germany but the Christmas Market of Munich, Christmas Market of Dresden, Christmas Market of Nuremberg, Christmas Market of Berlin and Christmas Market of Cologne are considered the best Christmas Markets in Germany.

The Christmas Markets of Cologne, Vienna, Nuremberg, Dresden, Brussels, Munich, Prague, Tallinn, Berlin and Copenhagen are thought best Christmas Markets in Europe. Cologne Christmas Markets, Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt, Hamburg Weihnachtsmarkt, Graz Hauptplatz Christmas Market, Salzburg Christmas Market, Hamelin Christmas Market, Baden-Baden Christmas Market, Berlin Christmas Market, Munster Christmas Market and Norsk Folkemuseum Christmas Fair are considered the best Christmas Markets all over the world.