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German Christmas Markets

The thrilling of traditional German Christmas Markets is attracting more visitors under its spell each year.

Historic Christmas Markets, held in cities, towns and villages across the country, are becoming more and more popular, due to the enchanting Festive Season environment they remind. The Christmas fairs and markets of Germany are very distinctive.
If you are tired of commercialism taking over Christmas festival and would like to get right away for a real time-honored and idealistic Christmas Market you might want to think heading to Germany where gifts are not mass-produced but craftwork of genuine quality.

Here you can buy all kinds of Christmas products and gifts, especially traditional things such as crib figurines, toys, wood carvings, marionettes, candles and lambskin shoes.

Many are not easy to resist - as will be the glass of yummy mulled wine you are offered and the baked apples that are very welcome on crisp winter days. The ambience is further improved by the aromas of hot chestnuts, grilled sausages and other tasty snacks. Youngsters principally will be attracted to the gingerbread biscuits known as Lebkuchen, marzipan figures and other sweets.

With so many Christmas Markets across Germany the most difficult decision to make is in fact where to go. The best solution is to sample at least two Christmas Markets, if possible in a city for some serious shopping and a small town or village if you are looking for something a little bit more romantic.

There are lots of Christmas Markets in Germany but the Christmas Market of Munich, Christmas Market of Dresden, Christmas Market of Nuremberg, Christmas Market of Berlin and Christmas Market of Cologne are considered the best Christmas Markets in Germany.