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Christmas Music

Christmas music is a melodious music, generally played on the occasion of Christmas. Christmas music focuses on the themes of Christmas. Without music celebrations are incomplete therefore without Christmas carols and Christmas songs, Christmas Eve is dull. People enjoy the symphony of music together.

Christmas Music songs

Christmas music songs are worldwide famous and popular. "Santa Claus is coming to the town", "Little Drummer Boy", "Blue Christmas", "Silver Bells", and "Sleigh Ride" are few famous Christmas songs. Out of these Santa Claus is coming to the town is one of the oldest Christmas music song published in 1934.

People dance on the tune of these songs. Lyrics of these songs are soul-touching. They are sometimes in the form of prayers and blessings. Every country has own style of Christmas music. Christmas Music songs and Christmas Carol music is also available online, means on internet. Not only this they are also broadcasted on Radio. Many radio stations play Christmas music on public demand.

Christmas Carol Music

Christmas Carols are also known as songs or hymn. Christmas Carol Music is associated with the birth of Jesus. Numbers of Christmas Carols are available. People buy CDs to listen and feel the soothing Christmas Carol music. These are based on medieval chord pattern. People sung in church and also dance on the tune. They are inspiring and heart touching. Every Country has their tradition in respect of Christmas carols. Some of the famous Christmas Carols are :
  • "Carols of the Bells"
  • "The Cherry Tree Carol"
  • "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day"
  • "Little Donkey"
  • "O Little Town of Bethlehem" and many more