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Russian Christmas Ornaments

Russian Christmas ornaments are all about traditions and customs. Christmas is celebrated all over the world with great joy and enthusiasm. It is not just celebration for the birth of Jesus of Christ but an excuse for get together with family, friends and other near and dear ones.
Russian Christmas ornaments used every year in decorations have a long history of splendor and struggle. According to the Russian Orthodox Church, Christmas day is celebrated on January 7. It is a traditional occasion of festivity and a day to perform all religious rituals for every family in Russia. Russians are fond of hand paintings which they more often apply on Christmas ornaments.

Some of the most used Russian Christmas tree ornaments include hand paintings on Russian snowman, royal eagle symbols, borzoi (noble Russian wolfhound), miniatures with striking details, carvings with whimsical and colorful appearance, Baba yaga ( a famous Russian bitch), and unusual portrait of Winnie the pooh! from Russia. Russian Christmas ornaments come in almost every shape, design, color, pattern and material ranging from copper, gold, silver, plastic, glass to antique.

The top Russian Christmas ornaments are Christmas trees, snowmen and Santa Claus. Russian ornaments were influenced by German designs and were restricted to glass, paper Mache or cardboard. Due to there traditional theme, appearance and design Russian ornaments were symbolized as a sign of good harvest, prosperity, health, happy life and the continuation of the family.

Moreover, many Christmas ornaments in Russia have a traditional theme including religious and military both. Some of the military theme Russian Christmas ornaments is soldiers, warriors, dirigible, hammer, sickle and the soviet star. Ornaments of religious nature include soft toys, clocks and posters as a part of Christmas decoration. The best part that reflects the Russian Christmas ornament ideas is that every Christmas ornament tells a story or gives us an insight into the lives of Russian people.