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Free Christmas Party Games

Games are a very important component of any party or celebration. During Christmas, particularly, games can actually get party guests into the spirit of the season. you are looking for free Christmas party games and activities for the entire family, follow the following tips on how to play Free Games for Christmas Party :
Pin The Nose on the Reindeer : Holiday variation of Pin the tail on the Donkey. Create a picture of a reindeer's head. You can draw it or use construction paper, make sure you draw an outline for the nose, but don't complete it.

You'll want the picture to go on a wall or flat surface. You'll also need to make noses to be placed on the picture. Red or black work great, or use different colors for each child so you can tell who placed which one where or just number the noses.

To play : Each child will be given a nose, you can use tape on one side of the nose so it sticks to the board. Blindfold whose turn it is and spin them around 3-5 times, (so there a little dizzy) now point them in the direction of the reindeer (2-3 feet in front of it) and tell them to walk forward and place the nose on the reindeer. The one closest to the actual reindeer noses wins!

Here some of free games for Christmas party are listed below :

  • Blowing out the Christmas Candle
  • Gift Giving
  • Christmas Games
  • Sock Guessing Game
  • Christmas Songs
  • Christmas Candy
  • The Santa Hat
  • Reindeer Games
  • Santa Hotline
  • Wrapping Race
  • Santa Hat Swap
  • Reindeer Race
  • Three Legged Reindeer Race
  • Santa Pants
  • Draw a Reindeer
  • Dressing Santa
  • Decorate the Christmas Tree
  • Pass the Present
  • Jack Frost Freeze
  • Frosty the Snowman
  • Holiday Movie Trivia
  • Christmas Characters
  • Christmas Carol
  • Elf Marathon