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Kids Christmas Party Games

Christmas is a very exciting time for everyone, especially children. Christmas party games are great ice breakers, funny and enjoyable part of Christmas party. When it arrives to planning Kids Christmas party games, the options are infinite.
From board games to puzzle games to relay races, almost all kids Christmas party games are filled with alluring situations to fulfill the dose of fun for the innocent souls during Christmas. We have listed some of the most popular Christmas party games for kids.

Fill the Christmas stocking : You will need A Christmas stocking, A spoon, A bucket and Some candies for playing this game. Divide the children into two or three teams. Ask the children to line up on end of the room where the game is played. Hang up the stocking at the other end of the room. Place a bucket with candies and a spoon in front of each team. Now it is the time to start the game. Ask a child from each team to take a piece of candy using the spoon and carry it to the stocking in order to put the candy inside it.

After putting the candy inside the stocking, the child runs back to his team and passes the spoon to the next child waiting to run. This way, the spoon is passed to every child until the last child finishes filling the stocking. The first team that puts all of the candy in the stocking wins the game. The difficulty level of the game can be enlarged by asking the children to hold the spoon with their mouth while running.

O' Christmas Tree : Collect dozens of Christmas cards - used ones are fine - and divide kids into pairs or small teams. Give each team at least 12 cards and challenge them to build a Christmas tree from the cards, much as you'd build a house of cards from a traditional playing card deck. By alternating rows of standing cards with flat layers players should easily be able to achieve great heights, and the folded cards will make this game accessible and easy for even young children.