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Office Christmas Party Games

Christmas is celebrated to have fun, to enjoy the fruits of working hard the whole year. In most of the offices, employers organize a grand party on Christmas. You can play games at your office to make Christmas party more interesting. Take help of your colleagues in playing Office Christmas Party Games.
You can play Dragon Tail Tag game with your four co-workers' help, Musical Chairs and Balloon Stomping Game with many colleagues. In the following paragraphs, we have provided information for Christmas Party Games for Office.

In Santa Hat Game, have everybody wear a Santa hat. Every so often take away your hat. Now everybody is to take away his or hers as well the last person wearing theirs is the loser of the game. This might be a funny Christmas office party game in that people will become involved in other activities and conversations and forget to remove their hat. Musical chairs are not just a game for children.

After a few drinks of wine or champagne this game could be lots of fun. Have every person sit in a chair, then start the Christmas music and have them walk all around the chairs. Take away one of the chairs. Suddenly stop the music and see without a seat. Carry on until there is only one person left.

Gift Wrap Game; enfold a present in several layers of wrapping paper. Have everybody sit in a circle. Now pass the gift around while you play music. Stop the music and the person left holding the package has to remove a layer of wrapping paper. The person that unwrap the last layer of wrapping paper gets to keep the gift.