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Swedish Christmas Recipes

Swedish christmas recipes are a part of every family especially on the Christmas eve. The tradition and culture of celebrating Christmas in Sweden is exceptionally amazing but in fact a must see for everyone once in a lifetime. In Sweden, food is an important element of Christmas celebration and the Swedish Christmas recipes are popular throughout the world.
The enticing and mouthwatering flavors of Sweden add a special taste and color to the dishes. Christmas marks the arrival of a new year, hope, opportunities and new beginning and Sweden celebrate this day with great enthusiasm and passion. As food is an internal part of every celebration, Swedish citizens and tourists enjoy the Swedish Christmas recipes to the maximum. Some of the popular and commonly prepared Swedish Christmas recipes are:

Rotmos (Mashed Swedes)
You need 1 medium turnip, 2 vegetable broth cubes, tsp of ground allspice, 3 medium potatoes for this recipe. Peel turnips and cut into cubes. Unwrap and cube potatoes. Add potatoes, vegetable cubes turnips and spices to medium size saucepan. Boil till the vegetables become soft. Drain reserving the liquid. Mash the vegetables, adding pepper, salt with the reserved liquid. If required, use the remaining drained liquid for gravy.

Smalandsk ostkaka (Swedish Cheese Cake)
You need 2 cups cottage cheese, cup flour, 3 eggs, cup fructose or sugar, 2 cups of light cream or plain soy milk, cup coarsely chopped almonds for making Cheese cake. Add all ingredients to a bowl in which you can safely blend all the ingredients together. Blend until smooth. Grease a 10" fluted pie pan or 8" cake pan. Pour mixture into pan. Bake at 350F for an hour, or until the knife inserts in centre and comes out clean. Serve with whipped cream, jelly or frozen raspberries.