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Christmas Santa

People are confused if Santa is real figure or not. There is a story behind the origin of Santa Claus which tells who was Santa? Santa was a St. Nicholas who was born in 300 A.D, had a very tearful childhood as his parents died of the plague, and he lost both of them at early age then survived somehow spending time in a monastery.
St Nicholas was also known as a Christian Bishop of fourth century, Father Christmas, and of course Santa clause, who often said to reside in Myra (Turkey). He was very giving and helps poor by giving them gold coins, money and gifts and the things required by them. He used to give gift to many people. He was very fond of children and loves them. He helps all the needy people.

Who lived his life for making other people happy and he is an exemplary man who actually devoted for the upliftment of the helpless people, starving with hunger and looking world with hope in eyes.

St Nicholas died about 350 AD, but he is still alive in the hearts of people with the name of Nicholas of Myra or Santa Claus worldwide. This is how Santa is related with St. Nicholas, a saint of giving.

Christmas Santa decorations

Christmas Santa Claus decoration is both fun and pleasure. Parents dress-up like Santa Claus and give gifts to their children just to make them happy. Even in school on the Xmas celebrations teachers dress up like Santa Claus and this Santa presents toffees and other gift to students and also promise them to come again next year.

Handmade Santa Claus is also decorated. Infact shopkeepers put cute decorative Santa Claus on display to attract and increase the footfall. Christmas Santa decorations are supported by Christmas tree, which is considered as tree of love and prosperity. All the charisma of Christmas Eve revolves around decorative Christmas tree and adorable Santa Claus.