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Barneys Christmas Stars

There is no need to give introduction to Barney's Christmas Star. Barney, the purple dinosaur and his whole lot of friends, has loads of fun and embark on journeys which take them to unfamiliar lands and their adventurous flights are not just fun to watch and relate to, but are equally exciting.
Barney, the purple dinosaur is quite a heartthrob of the kids and if you are still young at heart, you are bound to enjoy the adventures and the thrills that they provide you with. Barney's tales come in a series of episodes and videos and some of them have also been made into movies. Popularity of Barney speaks volumes for itself.

The Barney episodes have been going on for 10 seasons and the Spanish versions of the same have also been made like the El Castillo Musical De Barney Ħen vivo! (Barney's Musical Castle Live!), Barney y Su Mundo de Colores Ħen VIVO! (Barney's Colorful World LIVE!), La Gran Sorpresa de Barney (Barney's Big Surprise! Live on Stage) and La Pijamada de Barney, just to name a few.

Barney's Christmas Star came into theaters in 2002, revolves round how Barney (voice of Bob West) and his friends get old-fashioned treasures in Grandma's attic while looking for the star for the Christmas tree and it deals with the rest of the Christmas celebration they arrange for. The story ends with Barney and his friends enacting "The Night before Christmas" as a grand finale.

Some of the Barney episodes which have been prepared into movies are the Barney's Imagination Island, Barney's First Adventures and Barney's Great Adventure. If you are interested in watching some of the other Barney episodes, you can purchase the DVDs of the same from the online stores or the markets.