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Christmas Stars Decorations

Christmas is about lots of things, decoration, crafts, colors, delicious dishes and much more. Stars are unavoidable parts of Christmas decoration. Though there are well made and decorated stars available in the markets, a home made Christmas star will make your Christmas decoration a bit personalized.
Star making is a fun craft that may make your Christmas more enjoyable. Here are few tips to make a Christmas star for your Christmas decoration. You need Printed Pattern, Paper, Scissors, Glue, Crayons or markers and A short length of yarn or string for making a 3D star.

From the printed sample cut two stars out. Fold the tab under both of the stars. Crease the interior lines of the stars so that the arms of the star puff up. Put glue on the flaps and glue the two stars together. Glue a short loop of string or yarn to one arm of the star.

Start by using leftover wire to create Christmas outdoor star decorations. Wire hangers - and you know you have dozens of them hanging around (no pun intended) - are the basis for our Christmas decorating ideas. A hanger can be twisted and bent into just about any shape - from a simple Christmas tree to an elf or even a star! Trace off your design and bend into shape and then take tinsel and weave it around the shape you created.

Make a big-enough star and you can even string Christmas lights on it. Again, now all you need to do is take the Christmas star and place the Christmas decorations outdoor at the top of a tree or your front door. You can make lots of creations for your Christmas star decoration. Prepare them at with your creativity and enjoy you holiday.