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Christmas Symbols

Christmas is associated with the birth of "Jesus" who wants to fill the life of each and every individual with harmony and peace, who bless and guide us to spread love and respect humanity. Christmas is an occasion when all people come together to enjoy and celebrate. Christmas season gives reason also to celebrate with joy and prosperity.
There are many traditional symbols of Christmas and these traditional symbols contain some meaning. Candles, Christmas Carols, Christmas Star, Christmas Tree, Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Flower, Holly, Christmas Angels, Santa Claus, Three Wise Men, Yule Log, Saint Nicholas, Rudolf, Gift-giving they all are traditional symbols of Christmas. Without them celebrations are incomplete. They are deeply associated with Christmas celebrations. Let's find out the meaning of traditional symbols of Christmas.

  • Christmas Santa or Saint Nicholas is a kind gentleman who helps poor and gives gifts to the children.
  • Reindeer helps Santa to pull his sleigh.
  • Christmas Candles- symbolizes "Jesus", who is the light of the world
  • Christmas Bells announces the birth of Jesus.
  • Christmas Star is placed on the top of the Christmas tree. This is a symbol of birth of "Jesus". Also represents Star of heaven or Star of Bethlehem, guided three wise men to Jesus.
  • A Christmas ribbon or Gift-Bow shows the bond of love and togetherness.
  • Christmas Angel is considered as good luck.
  • Red color symbolizes the Christ sacrifice.
  • Holly resembles the crown of the thorns placed upon Christ's Head and berries as the drop of the blood.
  • Christmas Ornaments are used to decorate Christmas tree. Tiny gifts, candles, cookies, candies and other goodies are used in the decoration.
  • Christmas flower, "Poinsettias" was bought to the US by the first United States ambassador to Mexico in 1825.
  • Christmas tree symbolizes the love and light on the tree represents the light that Jesus has given to the world.
  • Christmas cards are used to send blessings to the loved ones.
  • Three wise man travelled, following Christmas star, to see Jesus.
  • Yule Log, in early day's English burn the Yule log on Christmas Eve. It was considered good luck to sit on it before it was burned and bad luck if fire went out quickly. Piece of log was saved for next year.