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Christmas Traditions

Christmas brings joy and happiness in the life of people. It is celebrated with the joy and love. Christmas is celebrated differently in all the countries. Every country has own tradition of celebrating Christmas. But in total Christmas tradition includes decorating Christmas tree, giving gifts, enjoying Christmas party and all.
Christmas tree is deeply associated with Christmas tradition. People decorate their homes, shops and party with Christmas tree. Christmas tree is decorated with the help of many ornaments, Christmas star, goodies, cookies and lot more things.

Christmas tree tradition started when paradise tree was decorated with the apples symbolizing Adam and Eve. Husband of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, in 1834 bought the first Christmas tree in Windsor Castle. While, on the other hand Hessian troops introduced Christmas tree tradition in U.S

According to Victorian tradition Christmas started in 1837. Victorian Christmas tradition includes Christmas carols and song, exchanging Christmas Card. "The Advent wreath", an evergreen wreath, is a symbol of joy. Four candles are placed in a holder as a symbol of joy, love, faith and peace.

Another interesting fact about Advent wreath is a candle is lit beginning on the first Sunday of Advent, and next three Sundays before Christmas spreading the light in the world. "Bells", "Boxing Day", "Candles", "Christmas Cards", "Christmas Crackers", and "Christmas puddings", Christmas tree, Kissing Balls and Lamb's Woo are part of Victorian Christmas celebration.

These entire traditions inspired world and its people so much. Due to which Charles Dickens wrote book like "A Christmas Carol". It is a Victorian Christmas tradition which allowed Christmas holiday so that people can celebrate and enjoy. Boxing Day is associated with this only which is celebrated on 26th December. Victorian Christmas celebration has given new direction and ideas of future Christmas celebration.