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Germany Christmas Traditions

Christmas (Weihnachten), one of the major holidays in Germany, is a time for self analysis, celebration, and family and friends. The celebration of Christmas involves many traditions and customs. Christmas preparations start before the 1st December.

Most of German sets aside special evenings for baking spiced cakes and cookies, and preparing gifts and decorations for Christmas celebration. Small sized dolls of fruit are traditional Christmas toys. Germans prepare beautiful gingerbread houses and cookies.

The German Christmas tree pastry, Christbaumgeback, is white dough which can be molded into many shapes and baked for tree decorations. Children put down letters on their windowsills for Christ kind, a winged figure clothed in white robes and a golden crown who distributes peresents.

Sometimes the letters are adorned with glue and sprinkled with sugar to make them sparkle. People in some parts of Germany have faith in a myth that the Christ Child sends a messenger on Christmas Eve. He comes as an angel in a white robe and crown, holding gifts. The angel is called Christ kind. Another Christmas Eve figure is known as Weihnachtsmann or Christmas Man; he looks like Santa Claus and brings gifts.

People adorn their homes with beautiful Christmas trees. Bells, stars, candies are also added on the Christmas tree to look it more eye-catching. People sing Christmas songs on Christmas Eve Party. Many German lay out advent wreaths of Holly with four red candles in the center. They light one candle on every Sunday and the last one on Christmas Eve.

In some homes of Germany a room is locked up before Christmas. On Christmas Eve the children go to bed but are risen at midnight by their parents and taken down to the locked room. The door is opened and they see the tree all lit up, with piles of parcels on little tables.