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Office Christmas Games

Christmas seems to commence in October, since that is when grocery and department stores begin stocking up on Christmas foods and decor. In the following paragraphs we have provided some Christmas Games for Office. Christmas Charades: Have everyone divide into two teams. Then have them each team take turns acting out a preferred Christmas movie, Christmas carol or a Christmas character. Have a few rounds and then the team that got the most right will win some type of small prize.
Christmas trivia : Prepare a worksheet of Christmas trivia questions. These can be questions about Christmas movies, customs, Christmas history, or anything else related to Christmas. Have everybody take a shot at seeing how many they can get right .The one that gets the most wins a award.

Christmas carol singing competition would be a grand way to liven up an office Christmas party. Everybody can take turns displaying their talent off while singing a preferred Christmas carol. You can have a few people evaluate the singers and then present prizes for the best, the worst, funniest, most original etc.

Christmas Name that Tune. Play bits of Christmas songs and have everybody guess what they are. This could be a great Christmas office game by getting everybody to participate. Have a prize for the guest that got the most right, and maybe a booby prize for the one that got the least.

Pin the Nose on the Reindeer, Dirty Santa, The Last Santa Hat, Secret Stocking, ABC Christmas, Merry Christmas, Christmas Songs, Christmas Candy, The Santa Hat, Reindeer Games, Santa Hotline are some examples of free office Christmas games. Enjoy your Christmas by playing office Christmas games. Have a Mary Christmas.