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Christmas Layout

Christmas season is one of the most celebratory seasons in the year. You get to celebrate several things - the birth of Jesus, birthday of Jesus, the upcoming New Year, the mounds of food on the table, the happy air that brings families together and of course the presents that make every child's laughter more memorable for every parent.
Christmas layouts should be based on these celebratory reasons for your scrapbook. Small pieces of memento from every event would make a Christmas layout even more extraordinary. Here are two ideas that can be made into Christmas layouts.

Wrapping Paper
During Christmas, One of the most memorable events is the opening of presents. To the side from the fact that you get to save money by using up the wrapping paper again, you also get Christmas layouts the easy way. If you'd like to spicy up your layout though and maybe if the gift wrappers are by far ruined to paste on one page, you can create a collage-like layout with clippings or strips of different wrapping paper and have them pasted as a layout in random positions.

Christmas Ribbons: Aside from wrapping paper, another thing you can save from the garage bags after a one time use is the Christmas ribbons. Since ribbons are already cut or curled in some way, you can create scrapbooking layouts out of a collage of strips of ribbon detailed with ribbon curls or if there are still ribbon bows intact, you can use these to highlight your layout.

Merry Xmas Layouts: One of the most important events during Christmas is the opening of merry Xmas layouts. Not only Scrapbook layouts are sequences of photos but an artistic and impressive representation of your memories and collection. To make your scrapbook appealing to people who view it, you have to have an overall outcome of decoration.