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Christmas Rap

In 1979 America the fashion changed from bell bottoms to straight legs and the hottest music was a disjointed utterance of words over a recurring music track called rap and parents called gibberish because they couldn't understand the lyrics.

The ground breaking rap song was Rapper's Delight available at first as a 12" single. I said a hip-hop, a hippy to the hippy to the hip hip-hop you don't stop. Rock it out baba bubba to the boogedy bang, bang to the boogdey bee. Now what you here is not a test I'm rocking to the beat. And me the furrow and my friends are going to try to move your feet.Rapper's Delight opened with Latin predisposed congas and cowbells and then lifted the groove track from the summer of 79-dance hit Good Times by Chic. The 12 single restricted two versions rapped by three guys who called themselves MC's rather than emcees. Side A was 15:00 long and side B 6:30, with the only real difference being an extended groove track. The trio calling themselves The Sugar Hill Gang rapped about being fly guys, made fun of champion, and boasted of rock in on till the break of dawn.