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Retailers had high hopes on holiday period having lived through perhaps the most depressing period since Great Depression. All were agreed that sales will pick up, but how a great deal, nobody knew.
The Stitch Times has collected and collated the in sequence on the prominent world markets like the US, the EU, Japan and China as how the retail sales moved.

While there are signs of worldwide economic mending, as year-end sales increased slightly in the United States and the United Kingdom and surged on the Chinese mainland, moderate declines, however, were recorded in other major markets, including Germany, Italy, France and Japan. The Christmas sales are the perfect destination. They offer everything from holiday streamers to festive foods and toys. The prices will help anyone widen their holiday budget and the beautifully appointed store can get even the curmudgeonliest into the holiday spirit.

Whether you are hoping to find one or two particular ornaments or completely update your Christmas look, the Christmas sales are the perfect place to start getting into the holiday mood.