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Santa Claus

Man riding a white horse with white beard, wearing red suit with white collar and cuffs, red trouser with white cuffs, shinning boots with broad leather belt is known as "Santa Claus". This Red and white combination suit is treated as Santa Claus suit.
Main attraction of Christmas is Santa Clause, who flies through the sky wearing famous Santa Clause Suit to deliver gifts and goodies to the number of children all over the world.

Christmas celebrations are imperfect without Santa Claus. Santa is an adorable friend of children. Every child waits for his Santa Claus during overnight hours of Christmas Eve; as they believe that Santa clause give gifts to all the good children. So, children wait for him every year. Santa Claus load sleigh on his back filled with variety of gifts. He do miracles on Christmas Eve.

Santa Claus address

Where is Santa Claus live? Where is Santa Claus Home? People who are familiar with Santa say that he lives in the far north, in the North Pole with his wife with magical elves. Santa's Claus home address? Well here is something which is really exciting and fascinating. It may sound strange but it's a reality. If you want to write a letter to Santa or you want to share anything with Santa then you can use the below mentioned address.

Santa Clause
North Polar, Alaska 99705-1099
P.O Box 56099

Santa Claus Suits

Santa Claus wears red suit and red trouser with white collar and cuffs. Santa Suits also come in classic Red and also in Burgundy color. There are variety and numbers of suits available in the market. Not only Santa Claus suits but accessories are also available in different style.
  • Child Santa Suit with hat, belt, trouser and coat.
  • Lightweight Santa Suit.
  • Outside Pocket Santa Suit.
  • Majestic Santa Suit.
  • Classic Santa Suit, made of fine quality corduroy includes: - zipper coat and pants, pom, belt, Vinyl boot with long hair cuffs.
  • Professional Santa Suit with special quality of inside jacket pockets, wig, beard, of course with zipper coat.
  • Velvet Santa Suit.
  • Comfort and Classic Santa Suits