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Christmas Tree Shops are a chain of stores that started in Yarmouthport, Massachusetts on Cape Cod in 1970 as a complex of three small stores; the Front Shop, the Back Shop, and the Barn Shop. The multiple store location, which was located on Route 6A, explains why the name is Christmas Tree Shops instead of Christmas Tree Shop.
Since the 1980s, the chain has gradually been expanding beyond Cape Cod. It now has stores in ten different states, which have made it a multi-million dollar corporation, with large super-stores. The original stores are seen as a local phenomenon, since it has become a must see destination for several visitors when traveling to Cape Cod. Christmas Tree Shops was bought by Bed Bath and Beyond in 2003. It marked the end of an era for several local residents.

Xmas Shopping Ideas

Shopping is an important part of every celebration and occasion. People love to shop every time but if it is Christmas, they got a valid reason. Christmas is a time when everybody is in festive mood. People begin shopping for Christmas after Diwali. Christmas shopping for close relatives can be a piece of cake, but in some cases it can be a complete nightmare. On one hand shopping for your dearest and nearest can be a great deal of fun; after all these are the people you really care about and know very well. On the other hand, the pressure to choose something they will treasure and enjoy can turn the whole thing into an ordeal.

Christmas gift ideas are essential to the celebrations as it enhances the festive aura. Christmas is one of the most awaited events, looked forward to, with much zeal. Christmas festivities are made special with exclusive Christmas gifts, exquisite decorations and Christmas goodies. Christmas gifts are chosen with much zeal and special care is taken to opt for most ideal presents. The process is so elaborate that there are specific Christmas gift ideas that ease out the shopping ordeal and help individuals make the most of the gift options available. Christmas gift ideas are as a result a significant aspect of Christmas shopping.