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Christmas Town

Christmas town is one of the best-known and most popular in Europe, with millions of visitors thronging it in Christmas. One of the most famous Christmas markets in Germany is the one held at Nuremberg. Its setting is charming, with almost two hundred shops positioned in the cobbled square on the slope below the Frauenkirche the history of Dresden's Christmas market dates back to 1434, making this Germany's oldest.
It is enriched with locals and tradition are very fond of their Striezelmarkt, called so because of the local ' Striezel' or Stollen, a sweet fruitcake baked in the shape of a loaf and covered with icing sugar.

Xmas Comes to Town

Christmas, a special time of year, not just in Barcelona but throughout the whole world. You will find the oldest customs mingled in with the newer ones, you will see lights and decorations scattered around but what you will not see is shops open on this celebratory and religious holiday.

Granted a few will be open but most shut down in order to spend time with family and friends. Lights everywhere you go, from a small amount before Christmas the beautiful city of Barcelona undergoes a change from the traditional look and feel to a holiday treat. You will see decorations in shops through out town.