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Victorian Christmas

Numerous of the Christmas traditions and practices we enjoy the most can be traced back to the Victorian era, which covers the duration of Queen Victoria's ruling over the United Kingdom from 1837 to 1901.
During that period, the country experienced something of an appearance from its formerly Puritanical bans on extravagant celebrations. Naturally, people rather energetically embraced their newly merry and flamboyant celebrations, spawning a host of traditions. Several of the most popular Victorian traditions are still very much in practice today. One of the most popular Victorian Christmas a tradition is observed by sending of Christmas cards.

The practice of sending printed Christmas cards started in England, which was a modification of the customary writing of greetings by English children to their parents.

The printed cards enjoyed huge success and later on became a contagious practice that spread from England to the rest of the UK then to the rest of the world. More than a century later, we still send Christmas cards by the truckload to destinations around the globe.

Victorian Xmas Decorations

Lavish and lush are the key concepts in Victorian Christmas decorations. Rich colors, luxurious fabrics, and wonderfully over-the-top embellishments make this style the epitome of luxurious holiday elegance. The Victorian period was well known for strict rules of behavior that regulated everything from etiquette to morality, but the styles, fashions, and tastes of the day were anything but Puritanical.

In both Europe and the US a burgeoning middle class were enjoying the economic effects of the industrial revolution, and they reveled in displaying their newfound affluence. In an era when even everyday items were often ornately decorated, the holiday season was an annual explosion of color, shine, and exuberant decorative profusion.

Victorian Christmas Trees

Most Victorian Christmas trees were decorated with hand-made holiday ornaments and decorations. Have a truly old-fashioned Christmas by bringing back the tradition of sitting with your family or friends to craft your own Victorian ornaments. Victorian Christmas trees may be thought of as the original modern Christmas tree. Although the tradition of a Christmas tree began with the Germans, the elaborate decoration of the trees was popularized by the Victorians. They decorated the tree ornately with ornaments, candles and ribbons, which made it an incredible sight to behold. With some caution and know-how, the legendary beauty and luxury of Victorian Christmas trees may be recreated in a modern home.